Is waste a relative term?

Most governments have recognized the need to shift to sustainable energy production and storage. And yet, there still isn’t a clear, defined way to move forward. “Energy is the ...

Warren Mabee
Warren Mabee
Queen's University
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too late

Don’t delay! Read about…

Tim Pychyl
New Year’s resolutions have been a tradition for thousands of years. Though these resolutions have varied a great deal, it…
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angel and devil

A matter of will…

Cherri Greeno
New research from the University of Waterloo explains why our brains often fail to turn intention into action, and why…
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In the News

University research team shows solar energy extends electric vehicle driving range

January 26, 2015

A team of researchers at the University of Windsor and a local solar technologies company have collaborated to prove the benefits of solar power in extending the driving range of electric vehicles.By harnessing the sun’s rays through rooftop panels, Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies founder and CEO Sean Moore says the driving range can be extended an average of 45 per cent further.Read full article

Mac researchers may have found a way to outsmart the flu virus

January 26, 2015

McMaster researchers believe they've found a way to outsmart the flu that would bring an end to yearly shots and threats of pandemic.Influenza has proven to be a slippery opponent, constantly changing.Read full article

Winter: A case of tough love?

January 26, 2015

The staff in the International Centre at Queen's University seem to have developed a knack for holding their annual Learning to Love Winter workshop on the coldest day of the year.Last January's event, designed to help international students from warm-weather, countries cope with a Canadian winter, coincided with a weeklong Arctic blast, and this year's workshop was scheduled for Wednesday and its -20 C temperatures and frigid winds.Read full article
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Curiosity Shop – Brock University

February 10, 2015 - February 10, 2015

The Research Matters Curiosity Shop is a way for anyone to ask questions of the tens of thousands of expert researchers from Ontario’s 21 universities. Anything goes: science, art, business, self-help, spirituality, romance. If you’re curious about something, we want to hear about it. view event »

Research Chairs Symposium

April 01, 2015 - April 02, 2015


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Research Chairs Symposium

Join us to celebrate the impact of your

research with decision makers in Ontario.Meet your colleagues from across the province.
April 1 - 2, 2015

Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

More details to follow.
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