Is waste a relative term?

Most governments have recognized the need to shift to sustainable energy production and storage. And yet, there still isn’t a clear, defined way to move forward. “Energy is the ...

Warren Mabee
Warren Mabee
Queen's University
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norhern pleasure craft

Northbound tourists

Patchen Barss
For more than a decade, Lakehead University’s Margaret Johnston has studied travel in polar regions. These days, she’s occupied with…
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Let shopping be your…

Noreen Fagan
Here’s a fun fact – Canadians eat more sushi than the Japanese. At least that’s what Mark Cleveland says, and…
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In the News

The Globe and Mail: Guelph scientists one step closer to inhibiting destructive bee disease

December 16, 2014

The honeybees responsible for pollinating one-third of the food we eat face a host of threats, from bloodsucking mites and viruses to pesticides and climate change.But researchers at the University of Guelph have taken a big step toward fighting the most destructive and widespread killer of honeybee larvae, a disease known as American foulbrood.Read the full article here

Waterloo Region Record: Backyard rinks enjoy a renaissance while feeding WLU research

December 15, 2014

Chris Eliasmith, neuroscientist, father, hockey player and veteran outdoor rink maker, pulls on his rubber boots and steps on the ice in his backyard. Read the full article here

The London Free Press: Local researchers unlock clues to battle leukemia in kids

December 12, 2014

London researchers have uncovered a critical genetic link to a cancer that kills more children than any other, a discovery that might pave the way to stopping that disease.Acute lymphoblastic leukemia typically strikes children between ages two and eight, and though about two-thirds of those afflicted survive, treatment places kids through the wringer and includes chemotherapy. Read the full article here
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