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Research Matters is a public outreach initiative that explores how Ontario university research affects everyday life, and improves the ways people live, work and play.

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Wearable Technology: The MeU

Simon Buckley - Curiosity Crew | July 2, 2014

Technology is integrating itself into every aspect of our lives. Soon, the very clothes we wear will be both functional and fashionable. read more »
Cloud City

Cloud cities

Carleton University Staff | June 30, 2014

Carleton Prof. Shikharesh Majumdar in the Faculty of Engineering and Design has received funding for a new cloud-based platform that will help researchers build smart facilities and smart cities. read more »
Toronto street

Gentrification: a social justice issue

Lanna Crucefix | June 26, 2014

Toronto’s tree-lined streets are getting a makeover. Contractors replace windows and sagging porches. Real estate signs dot elegant gardens. Gentrification makes the city a better place to live.Or does it? read more »
Curious Crew - 2

The Curious Crew: A Summer on the Road with Research Matters

Mary Chaktsiris - Curiosity Crew | June 21, 2014

What are the questions that drive and compel you? What do you debate in the car or talk about at the kitchen table? Research Matters wants to know! Simon, Badri, and I are travelling to different events all summer in the Curiosity Cruiser  — our name for the van you see in the picture above. It's a pop-up version of the Curiosity Shop that has been travelling around the province since February. read more »

Curiosity Cruiser visits Orangeville

Badri Murali - Curiosity Crew | June 12, 2014

We were looking forward to tapping our feet to some great music over the weekend as the Curiosity Cruiser drove up Highway 10 and entered Orangeville. read more »
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Upcoming Events

Ryerson Farmer's Market

July 23 @ 11:00 am- 3:00 pm

Research Matters is traveling across the province to ask Ontarians to tell us the questions you’ve always wanted to have answered view event »

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In the News

Queen’s University School of Graduate Studies: Mary Chaktsiris & the Curiosity Cruiser

July 16, 2014

During the Renaissance, wealthy collectors housed strange and remarkable objects in what came to be called “cabinets of curiosity.” Read full article

Scary scans make smokers stop smoking: new Brock research

May 29, 2014

Smokers, take note. There’s an image that could alarm even the hardest core into giving up the vice for good. Read full article

The Brock News: Brock and other scientists discover plankton believed to be extinct

May 12, 2014

Life after death - one million years later. Brock University geologist Martin Head and a team of international researchers have discovered a living plankton species that scientists had thought was extinct for the past million years. Read full article
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