Incredible doom and optimism

“Of course we don’t know what life will be like in 2030. But it’s important to think about what it should be.” – George Dixon, Vice President (Research) at the University of Waterloo, speaking at the launch of the Research Matters “Life in 2030” discussion series.

We asked the audience about their predictions, hopes and fears for life 17 years from now. Here’s some of what they had to say:

“A dichotomy of incredible doom and incredible optimism.”

“I think we will be doing the same things only faster and better.”

“A cosmopolitan combination of the global and local.”

“Hyperconnected individuals in tight-knit online and in-real-life neighborhoods connected quickly by telecom and rail.”

“In 2030, we’ll have no more car accidents.”

“Perhaps there will be fewer cars by 2030. At this rate, I’d hate to see the 401 in 2030.”

“I’m still rooting for flying cars.”

“The time it takes to fly from Toronto to Hong Kong will be 1/3 of what it is today.”

“In 2030, we’ll walk on Mars.”

“Faster, more busy, more crowded, more interesting.”

“In 2030, Canada’s silent majority will participate in national discourse.”

“Indigenous and environmental issues will be just Canadian issues.”

“In 2030, my walls will be ever-changing palettes of art.”

“The future looks like how we treat our children.”

“My granddaughter will no longer need weekly enzyme replacements and will be living a happy healthy life. “There will be a cure or Hurler’s syndrome (MPS – 1H) (And other syndromes.)”

“Children may not need math. They are computer experts at a very young age.”

“Very dangerous – drones overhead, nuclear weapons and worse everywhere.”

“It will be very technologically focused.”

“I hope that non STEM disciplines will better prepare post-sec grads for this world thru greater internship, real world tools of knowledge so all backgrounds have chance to succeed.”

“A record of everything is kept and preserved. It’s an incredible boon for policy makers and future historians, letting us understand our world even better. But privacy concerns threaten this progress.”

“No dependence on fossil and nuke.”

“Green power and manufacturing.”

“Healing without drugs.”

“I would hope to see more collaborative minds at work in creating a more peaceful global environment where future generations can nourish creativity and innovation rather than coping with survival mechanisms due to human inflicted pain and suffering, such as warfare and political supremacy.”

I would like more math education in 2030.”

“I fear what is going to happen with our food sources—and water sources. What is happening with bees terrifies me. The lack of protection of our water also scares me.”

“Better than 2008 – 2012.”

“Looking forward to the role start-ups are going to have in the business world and the bio hacking advancement.”

“By 2030 “research” will “matter” only to the rich, widening further gap between rich and poor, and virtually eliminating the middle class.”

“I think there will be greater communication with other countries as we become connected globally.”

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  1. dunkalunk

    All of mine are already up there 😛

  2. David (Mississauga)

    Global pressures will result in much greater equality across the globe. Polution and international tension will lead to greater world government, again with equality. Food and fuel shortages (or the fear of shortages) will finally lead us to reduced waste and green fuel adoptation.




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