The Curious Crew: A Summer on the Road with Research Matters


What are the questions that drive and compel you? What do you debate in the car or talk about at the kitchen table? Research Matters wants to know!


Simon, Badri, and I are travelling to different events all summer in the Curiosity Cruiser  — our name for the van you see in the picture above. It’s a pop-up version of the Curiosity Shop that has been travelling around the province since February.

The coolest part of our travels this summer? Some of the questions posted at on the Cruiser’s Curiosity Corner will be answered by university researchers.

Here are some examples of the questions we’ve collected so far: Why are there different breeds of cats and dogs? Is it already too late to address climate change? What is the next wave of cancer research?

So whether it’s a question about your car or how art and culture are related, there is a researcher in Ontario who can answer it. So go ahead, ask us!

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