Research Chairs Symposium

Come join us April 1 and 2 for the Ontario and Canada Research Chairs Symposium at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


You’ll learn about the incredible contributions Ontario researchers have made to our society ­— both their game-changing discoveries, and their quieter, but no less significant insights into the way we live our lives.


On April 1 from 6:30 to 9 pm, our Big Thinking Panel features fascinating insights from University of Ottawa copyright expert Michael Geist, University of Toronto’s Ron Deibert, who will speak about protecting human rights through the Citizen Lab, and Gerald McMaster from OCAD University who will speak about revolutionizing Canadian art through The Group of Seven.


Starting at 9:30 am on April 2, we highlight home-grown research with six concurrent panels featuring Ontario and Canada Research Chairs.


Sign up for the panel on ethics and learn about the role of research in creating and understanding social change, or the panel on health, where the discussion will centre on whether prediction will lead to the cure.


If it’s the economy that interests you, come to the panel tackling questions around what constitutes the right amount of regulation, or find out whether being “green” is sustainable in our session on sustainable economies.


We also have a panel on borders, asking whether they will even matter in 20 years, and another on education, which will delve into how the province can ensure the best system from kindergarten to PhD.


Want more detail? Click on this link:


Hope to see you there.



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