Virtual Scavenger Hunt

The Virtual Scavenger Hunt is now over. Congratulations and thanks to all those who played. And now, here are the grand prize winners:

Student Grand Prize Winners

Blue Square Jana M. Green Square Stacy T.
Pink Square Elizabeth K. Blue Square Michelle D.C.
Green Square Keifer S.

Grand Prize Winners

Blue Square Jonathan W. Green Square Barb C. Pink Square Emily B.
Green Square Christopher V.B. Pink Square Karen B. Blue Square Claire M.
Pink Square Mia G. Blue Square James B. Green Square Allyson T.
Blue Square Hilary C. Green Square Rachael P. Pink Square Leona K.
Green Square Allana M. Pink Square Suzanne P. Blue Square Ian K.
Pink Square Yanhua T. Blue Square Emma S. Green Square Tiffany L.H.
Blue Square Patrick P. Green Square Abigail L. Pink Square Yanru H.

Thanks again for playing, and remember to stay curious, and keep in touch with Research Matters.