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Colin Robertson

How can digital technology benefit Canada in the future?

Digital technology can benefit Canada by providing the means to store vast amounts of information which can then be made accessible through applications which hopefully make our lives better.

Digital technology is increasingly part of the very fabric of our society. Consider planning a road trip across the province. You can use Google Maps to find the fastest route, and in some cities, can incorporate real-time traffic information, construction delays, and even weather.

Each layer of information that is used to help you make a better decision about how to travel to your destination, requires digital technology. In the future, we can expect information to move even faster, in real time, and to be more integrated into all aspects of our lives.

If harnessed properly, we can individually use this information to make more-informed decisions that will ultimately lead to greater productivity and sustainability in Canada and beyond.

-Dr. Colin Robertson, Assistant Professor, Wilfred Laurier University (pictured)


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