Cancer Fighting Viruses

Research partnerships with Ontario Universities discover...

that introducing a specific combination of viruses to cancer patients’ immune systems primes their bodies to attack tumors, improving treatments for all and potentially long-term patient outcomes. 

The idea of using viruses to treat cancer has been around for more than a century, with sporadic reports of patients experiencing remarkable recoveries after viral infections. But scientists have only recently begun to rigorously test viral therapy. The University of Ottawa’s John Bell has made great advances in this area by teaming up with Ottawa Hospital, McMaster University, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research and NCIC Clinical Trials Group. They are launching clinical trials of a therapy that uses two viruses against advanced cancers.  The therapy shows promise for attacking and killing cancer cells, and stimulating an anti-cancer immune response.

Their approach could offer patients with advanced cancer a treatment with fewer side effects than chemotherapy and radiation.

Cancer patients treated in world-first clinical trial of Canadian viral therapy