Diagnostics Made Easier

Research partnerships with Ontario Universities develop...

tools and kits that preserve human samples without the need for refrigeration simplifying diagnostic testing.

Diagnosing disease in remote and developing parts of the world can be a challenge.  But kits consisting of tools and materials to collect human samples and preserve them without refrigeration could make all the difference. Brock University’s Yousef Haj-Ahmad and Norgen Biotek Corporation have teamed up to develop such tools. Norgen’s unique sample collection and preservation kits allow health workers to collect and safely store saliva, urine, stool, blood and tissues at room temperature for days, months and for some specimens such as saliva, for years. This makes it easier to store samples and ship them for testing. Norgen also offers kits to isolate DNA, RNA, or proteins from these preserved samples to detect pathogens including Hepatitis B, HIV and Chlamydia, as well as cancer and genetic diseases.

The innovation promises faster and more reliable diagnoses for people living in places where refrigeration, laboratory facilities, or shipping services are limited.

Brock prof’s venture wins business of the year