Food for space

Research partnerships with Ontario Universities develop...

unique technologies including LED lighting, that allow us to grow food in harsh environments, providing alternative ways to sustain humans in Canada’s North and during long-term space missions.

Long-term space travel requires sustainable, reliable food. But transporting all that food is expensive and limits packing space for scientific equipment. That’s why University of Guelph’s Mike Dixon has teamed up with the Canadian Space Agency and Com Dev Ltd. to create unique technologies, including LED lighting for growing food in modular controlled environments.  They have prototyped  the system and propose a pilot scale installation in the barren, rocky landscape of Canada’s North, the closest approximation to the climate and geography on Mars.

While the research is key to further space exploration, it also holds promise for supplying Northerners with year-round fresh produce, cutting back on the need for expensive imports.

Green plants, red planet

Ontario Centres of Excellence helps shed right light on ‘growing’ problem in the north