Need RePOOPulate?

Research partnerships with Ontario Universities create...

healthy gut bacterial ecosystems in pill form, improving treatment of intestinal diseases.

difficileis a bacterium that causes symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon and can spread quickly through hospitals and long-term care facilities. It can overpopulate the colon when antibiotics kill healthy gut bacteria and there are few treatments for people with recurring infections. Stool transplants can help, but human fecal matter sometimes contains other pathogens. Enter University of Guelph’s Emma Allen-Vercoe. Working with Nubiyota, she has developed a synthetic, probiotic stool mixture called RePOOPulate, which helps re-establish healthy bacteria in the intestine and fight C.difficile

Besides offering an effective therapy against the deadly superbug, the artificial poop is safer, more stable and adaptable, and less “icky” than stool transplants.

Synthetic ‘Poop’ Can Cure C. difficile Infection, Study Finds

Uncovering the mystery of microbial systems