Reducing Bullying with Evidence

Research partnerships with Ontario Universities create...

PREVNet, a national network that develops evidence-based bullying prevention strategies and tools, helping to build a society where every child can grow up happy, healthy, and safe. 

Bullying hurts: it is linked to both short and long-term mental and physical health problems and academic under-achievement. There are 2 million Canadian school-aged children directly impacted by bullying. Many existing bullying prevention programs are not evaluated so we do not know if they work. In fact, 15% of all programs make the problem worse. Enter PREVNet, national network of 120+ leading Canadian researchers, joined by 60+ national youth-serving organizations, including industry, federal and provincial agencies, and NGOs. The network focuses on education, research, training and policy change to provide individuals and organizations strategies to address bullying and prevent violence.

PREVNet’s mandate is to stop bullying in Canada and promote safe and healthy relationships so every child can grow up happy, healthy and safe. Since PREVNet began, the rates of bullying reported by youth have decreased by 50%.