Solar Houses

Research partnerships with Ontario Universities design...

solar houses that are more efficient, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions as well as changing the housing industry.

Energy use in the home is a significant contributor to climate change and solar houses are part of the solution. Carleton University’s Ian Beausoleil-Morrison has been studying solar energy concepts for years – in the lab and through computer simulations. Now he is partnering with Urbandale Construction to design a solar house on campus that will yield real-world data that could change the way we heat and cool our homes. The energy-saving design includes solar thermal collectors on the south face of the steeply pitched roof, an unusually large number of windows on the south side, a radiant floor system, a heat pump and innovative heat storage systems.

The house holds promise for commercializing successful strategies for reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint.

Solar house on campus will allow researchers to test passive energy systems