Urbanizing Food Production

Research partnerships with Ontario Universities support...

an international discussion about food security and urbanization as the world’s population continues to grow, identifying potential solutions to future problems. 

Over the next 30 years, virtually all of the anticipated three billion increase in the human population will occur in cities of the South. These cities will absorb 95% of urban growth in the next two decades, and by 2030, will be home to almost four billion people, or 80% of the world’s urban population. Accompanying this urban transition is a growing crisis of food insecurity in urban areas, caused by lack of access due to high food prices and low incomes.

In response, Wilfrid Laurier University’s Jonathon Crush and international colleagues have come together to create The Hungry Cities Partnership. It is an international research project devoted to addressing urbanization and food security worldwide.

Hungry Cities Partnership: Informality, inclusive growth and food security in cities of the Global South 


CAIRO, EGYPT - OCTOBER 9, 2014: The young boy carries the large basket of bread on his head and rides the bicycle, on October 9 in Cairo.