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Ottawa Citizen: Q&A: Cult expert Lorne Dawson on the lure of terrorism

February 26, 2015

A leading scholar of cults believes terrorist groups are using similar tactics to lure recruits. University of Waterloo sociology prof. Lorne Dawson, who co-chairs a national terrorism research network, explains to the Citizen’s Dylan Robertson.   Read the full article here

Toronto Star: Is corn smut Canada’s new truffle?

February 9, 2015

PETERBOROUGH—Sandra Arciniega is in the kitchen of La Hacienda reverently cooking a fungus that infects corn kernels. It’s called huitlacoche in Mexico where she was born, and it sounds beautiful when it rolls off her tongue — weet-la-KOH-chay. But Canadians tend to mangle the Spanish word, and then peevishly demand to know what the heck huitla-whatever is, anyway. Read the full article here 

RFP: Experiential Marketing

February 9, 2015

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS The Council of Ontario Universities is seeking a marketing firm to redevelop The Curiosity Cruiser, an experiential marketing concept for Research Matters. ISSUE DATE:            February 9, 2015 CLOSING DATE:      February 23, 2015 5:00 PM (EST) TENDERING ORGANIZATION: COU Holding Association Inc. RFP - Research Matters Experiential Marketing Concept