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CBC News: Woolly mammoth cloning 1 step closer thanks to genome research

April 24, 2015

Scientists are one step closer to bringing the woolly mammoth back from extinction, after uncovering almost the entire genomes of two mammoths. A team of researchers from Sweden, the U.S. and Canada sequenced almost the complete library of DNA from well-preserved mammoths recently discovered in Russia after being frozen in permafrost for thousands of years, they reported today in the journal Current Biology. Read full article here

The Nugget: Insight into an athlete’s mind

April 22, 2015

Everyone sees what happens on the ice, but what goes on in the heads and hearts of athletes is a different story. Dr. Mark Bruner is taking a different route by studying the best ways to help youth develop personally and socially through sport and physical activity. Read full article here.

National Post: In defence of beavers: Why naturalist wants Canadians to respect one of the ‘most important animals on the planet’

April 22, 2015

He’s etched on our nickel and part of his anatomy is honoured in sugar-fried dough. But despite these cultural acknowledgments, the beaver is considered one of the peskiest examples of Canadian wildlife — his dams flooding fields and roadways, those buck teeth to blame for so many tree stumps. Ontario naturalist Michael Runtz is determined to reverse that image with his book, Dam Builders: the natural history of beavers and their ponds, to be released this year. Read full article here

CBC News Sudbury: Human built nesting sites could save turtles

April 20, 2015

When travelling south of Sudbury on Highway 69, you may have noticed a small fence close to the highway. It was placed there to keep turtles off the road, however, new data has found holes in the fence aren't keeping the reptiles off the pavement. Read full article here