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Toronto Star: Boomers not as healthy as they think

June 24, 2015

Baby boomers earn more, eat better and smoke less than previous generations. They work out, play golf and take care of themselves. They look in the mirror and tell themselves “60 is the new 40.”  Not so fast, say a team of health researchers at the University of Toronto. “We found no evidence that the health of baby boomers is substantially different from that of the previous or succeeding cohorts.”  The medical scientists also delivered a sobering message to policy-makers. Don’t buy into the popular perception that baby boomers will require less health care as they age. It is based on wishful thinking, not measured reality. Read the full article here

CBC News: ‘On the tip of my tongue’: McMaster researches language in aging

June 22, 2015

That feeling when you know the word, or a person's name. It's on the tip of your tongue but you just can't get it out. That annoying feeling happens more often as humans age, and McMaster University researchers have been testing that phenomenon and others with seniors in local nursing homes and retirement complexes this spring. "What do you call a group of spectators or listeners at an event?" "What is the word in which a building is purposely set on fire?" McMaster professor Karin Humphreys and several graduate and undergraduate psychology students have asked questions like these of 29 seniors, looking for clues about language retention and retrieval: "what bits stay and improve, and what bits change and become a challenge," said Humphreys. Read the full article here

Guelph Mercury: Guelph research spotlights Canada’s belly dance story

June 16, 2015

Belly dance is an art form celebrated and practised among many cultures and regions of the world — including Canada, new research shows.

University of Guelph history PhD student Anne Vermeyden, a dancer herself, is investigating the rich but largely unwritten past of belly dance in Toronto, and why it has flourished there.

Read the full article here

CBC News: Laurentian prof says it’s time for the ‘40% mine’

June 10, 2015

Energy conservation is the key to maintaining the viability of older mines and ensuring the profitability of new ones, a professor at Laurentian University says. Dean Millar, who was recently named a distinguished lecturer by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, will be touring the country to spread the word that employing modern technology in the age-old business of extracting minerals from the ground has multiple benefits. Read full article here.