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St. Catharines Standard: Brock researchers working on healthy ice syrup

A research team and Niagara company are working to create a grape product with potentially sweet health effects.

Brock University biologist Jeff Stuart has joined forces with Niagara-based firm Sweet and Sticky to research a syrup that could be a cancer fighter.

On Wednesday, a Brock group including biologist Jeff Stuart and students Shehab Selim and Breanne Gillie joined a group of university-industry partners at Toronto’s Queen’s Park to showcase research that’s focused on Sweet and Sticky’s Cabernet Franc and Vidal ice syrups.

Stuart said their product is likely not something they could commercialize for at least two or more years. “We do need more funding, more grants … more private money,” he said.

Stuart, who is also a research fellow with Brock’s cool climate oenology and viticulture institute, summarized initial results as “so far so good.”

“It’s early, and we’ll need at least a year before we know exactly how everything is working.”

Ice syrup itself is a non-alcoholic product made from icewine grapes and renowned as a gourmet ingredient.

The study is exploring how to extract resveratrol and other anti-oxidant polyphenols found in the waste grape skin ‘pomace’ and seeds left over from ice syrup production and add them back into the company’s syrup.

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