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Ottawa Citizen: Brain damage visible long after concussion symptoms disappear

x-ray-of-brain-in-skull University of Ottawa, concussions, athletes, sports, sports injuries, Francois Tremblay, Brain and Mind Research Institute, Travis DavidsonThe damage done by concussions is apparent in the brain long after symptoms have gone away and could have profound effects as a person ages, according to new research done by a team of Ottawa neuroscientists.

The research by Prof. François Tremblay of the University of Ottawa’s Brain and Mind Research Institute and his graduate student, Travis Davidson, measured how information is passed from the brain to the limbs and between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

They found that information moved slower in subjects who had suffered concussions than it did in a control group of people who had no history of brain injury. The study was published in the journal Clinical Neurophysiology.

“When you do the comparison, you don’t expect to find differences,” Tremblay said. “But there were differences.

“When we probed the transmission of information from one side to another, the group that had a history of concussion showed a delay in transmission. It was slower going from one side to the other.”

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