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CBC: How social media brings reputation risk for St. Patrick’s revelers

University of Waterloo, social media, social media reputation, St. Patrick's Day, Aimee MorrisonA University of Waterloo professor who studies social media says students who drink and party to excess on St Patrick’s Day face far greater consequences from their outrageous actions being documented online than from any ticket issued by a police officer.

It comes as law enforcement agencies to issue their usual reminders student party goers ahead of St Patrick’s Day celebrations in college towns across Canada.

Still, students have less to fear from a policing perspective than they do from a personal perspective, says University of Waterloo English professor Aimée Morrison, whose work focuses on multi-media and language.

“You really don’t want that photo of you throwing up in someone’s rose bushes haunting Google searches of you forever,” she said in an interview with CBC Kitchener-Waterloo’s The Morning Edition Thursday.

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