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CBC: What a waste! University of Guelph study looks at food people throw out

University of Guelph, food, nutrition, food waste, food sustainability, environmentPeople don’t like to talk about how much food they waste.

But for her master’s project, Carley Fraser asked Guelph residents to not only talk about their food waste – she asked them to photograph it.

“I decided to use photos so I’d have a starting point for people to talk about their food waste,” Fraser told CBC News.

“Waste is often hidden from us so it brings attention to the moment when waste happens so we could talk about it.”

Working with the Guelph Food Waste Research Group at the University of Guelph, she surveyed 22 households about what food they were throwing out and why. Homeowners were asked to take between 12 and 24 photos of moments they recognized that their food was going to waste or anything they thought was part of their household food waste.

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