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MetroNews: McMaster University researchers find glimmer of hope against superbug

McMaster University, antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, health, medicine, superbugsHere’s a sentence you never want to hear in the hospital: ‘It’s a superbug, and we’re out of drugs to try.’ Especially after a sick loved one has suffered through round after round of antibiotics, with gruesome side effects but no improvement. Superbugs are bacterial infections impervious to our most powerful medications. And they’re on the rise.

But a team of researchers at McMaster University has found a glimmer of hope in the fight against them, thanks to a very old drug.

How did they do it?

By taking a moonshot. Dr. Eric Brown and his team tested 1,440 drugs with expired patents (read: cheap drugs) against three of the gnarliest superbugs, both in a dish in the lab and in living mice. They found one that worked: pentamidine, a drug used since the 1930s to fight parasites.

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