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St. Catharines Standard: Brock research finding steps to take in stalking cancer

Brock University, cancer, rosemary, lung cancer, cancer research, health, Evangelina Tsiani Research at Brock University recently uncovered a link between a common herb and the reduction of lung cancer cell growth.

A study into rosemary began with Evangelina Tsiani’s interest in polyphenols — chemical compounds found in plants we eat. Tsiani, an associate professor in Brock’s department of health sciences, wanted to know more about the polyphenols, sometimes called antioxidants, found in the herb.

Polyphenols contain tiny nutrients believed to help to prevent diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other conditions.

“We have some evidence that rosemary extract stops the growth of cancer cells,” Tsiani said. “The question is, how is this done? What is the mechanism of action to inhibit cancer cell proliferation?”

Working with graduate student Jessy Moore and colleagues from several other Brock departments, Tsiani set out to see if and how rosemary extract stops the growth of cancer cells.

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