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The Hamilton Spectator: Discovery by McMaster team provides key for targeted cancer treatment

McMaster University, cancer, cancer research, health, cancer treatment, Mick Bhatia, McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research InstituteA reason why certain drugs work for some cancer patients but not others has been identified by a team of McMaster University researchers.

The discovery means doctors can immediately start targeting therapy so patients get the drug most likely to work for them and don’t waste precious time on treatment guaranteed to fail.

“We just have to give the right drug to the right patients, and the only way to connect the two is to understand how the drugs work,” said Dr. Mick Bhatia, principal investigator of the study and scientific director of the McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute.

“These drugs have been around for years. They worked in some people and not in others but we didn’t know why.”

The answer is a protein in cancer stem cells that some people have and others don’t.

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