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The Spectator: Collision Course: A report on concussions and football

concussions, athletes, sports, sports injuries, McMaster University, Hamilton, Hamilton Spectator, CFL, football, Canadian Football League, head, brain, head injuriesFootball can be a dangerous, brutal sport. It’s particularly bad for brains. So far, most of the supporting evidence for that has come from studying the brains of dead players. Today, we’re going to change that.

For more than two years, The Spectator has been involved in a unique collaboration with a team of McMaster University researchers. We’ve been conducting sophisticated brain scanning experiments on nearly two dozen retired CFL football players to measure the long-term impacts of concussions and repeated hits to the head.

We believe this is the first study anywhere to report findings from living former football players using such a wide array of tests.

The results are “shocking,” one of our experts said.

Read the full article, and the four-part series here.

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