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CTV News: PhD student makes groundbreaking discovery that may prevent spread of cancer

Queen's University, cancer research, cancer, cancer cells, health, chemistry, Caitlin MironA PhD student in Ontario has made a groundbreaking discovery that may have the potential to prevent cancer cells from spreading.

Caitlin Miron, a PhD student in the chemistry department at Queen’s University, has identified a chemical compound that may be able to “switch off” cancer cells in order to stop them from spreading.

Studying at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology in Bordeaux, France, Miron was able to use advanced screening technology to examine a number of compounds from the Petitjean lab at Queen’s University. During her internship, she was able to discover one compound that binds well to four-stranded DNA structure, or guanine quadruplex, which has been linked to the development of cancer and other diseases.

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