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The Globe and Mail: Why don’t women go into engineering? It’s not just because of bias

gender equality, Polanyi Prizes, John Charles Polanyi, University of Toronto, Economic Science, economics, Ismael Mourifié, gender bias, engineering, STEM, women in STEMWhat kind of program is more likely to lead to an increase of women graduating with engineering degrees: A college or university scholarship for promising high-school students, unconscious bias training for human resource managers or an intensive math and science education program for girls in elementary school?

New research shows that if governments have to choose, focusing their efforts on early learning interventions will have the most impact. A scholarship would come too late for the thousands of women who close the path to careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) as children. And addressing bias and hiring more women into those fields will help, too, primarily by providing more models of success for younger generations.

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