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Ottawa Citizen: Science of winter – How being cold keeps you warm

winter, cold, science of winter, deep freeze, human studies, François HamanWhen François Haman ran into some Algonquin College students from Senegal, they were piling on as many layers as they could to keep out the cold.

Don’t do that, he advised them.

Haman studies cold at the University of Ottawa, more specifically how the human body reacts to cold and what we can do about it. This is not just theory for him. He also spends a lot of time in Northern Ontario, he travels with hunters there, and he skis.

“This is one thing that was very difficult for them,” he said about the Senegalese students. “I tried to explain to them it’s OK to be cold in the winter. They were actually terrified. They were going: ‘I am not going out. There’s no way.’ They were worried their skin was going to freeze. So I said, Make sure you cover it but don’t cover it too much.”

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