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Toronto Star: McMaster researchers develop transparent patch to detect pathogens like E. coli in packaged foods

McMaster University, food and nutrition, E. coli, health and safetyResearchers at McMaster University have developed a transparent test patch for food packaging that detects the presence of potentially deadly bacteria like E. coli, with the aim of telling consumers and the grocery industry whether a product is safe to eat.

Dubbed “Sentinel Wrap,” the patch triggers a molecular signal that a disease-causing agent has contaminated products like meat, bottled water or milk.

“Right now, if you want to know if there’s any contamination in a food sample, you need to bring it into a lab … and it takes at least a day or two to find out if there’s any pathogen present in that food sample,” said mechanical-biomedical engineer Tohid Didar, one of the product’s developers.

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