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CBC: How retirement communities are using music to battle loneliness

May 23, 2018

Some say music brings people together. A few retirement communities in Ottawa are counting on it, and hope it will help fight isolation and loneliness, too. Researchers at Carleton University brought a musical group dubbed the Java music club to three retirement communities in the city on a weekly basis, to see if a structured peer-support music program would help seniors feel more connected. "Lots of social activities in residential care homes, they might be a lot of fun," Renate Ysseldyk, a Carleton professor who heads the study, told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning. Read the full article here.

CBC: Waterloo researchers use tech tank top to detect heart problems

May 23, 2018

A team of University of Waterloo researchers have started using wearable technology to flag whether a person might be experiencing the onset of a respiratory or cardiovascular disease. The lead investigator, Thomas Beltrame, and his team are looking at chronic illnesses that have symptoms of declining aerobic fitness. The team used sensors embedded in shirts that could collect data from a person as they moved about their day, and interpreted the data using artificial intelligence software. The sensors measured heart rate, breathing rate and breathing volume, activity and sleep. Read the full article here.