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Mac students saving the environment one drip at a time

September 3, 2013

Three McMaster University engineers are throwing themselves into turning off a slow drip of environmental destruction coming from the world's gas stations. They're also looking for public donations to back their effort. Devin Ramphal, Jason Harrison and Simon Oomen-Hurst, have been working in Ramphal's garage for several months developing a solution to the problem of gasoline dripping on the ground in the second it takes to move a nozzle from the car's gas tank back to the pump. Click here to learn more

Western neuroscientists communicate with unresponsive patient

September 1, 2013

Researchers at Western University have furthered their game-changing neuroimaging techniques in communicating with patients believed to be in a vegetative state by connecting with an individual that has proved otherwise unresponsive for the past 12 years. To learn more click here.

Prof looks to stem cells to assist weight loss, control diabetes

July 24, 2013

What if losing weight or controlling diabetes could be done with a simple procedure using a person’s own stem cells? That is what York kinesiology Professor Anthony Scimè is working to discover thanks to a $75,000 Drug Discovery Grant recently awarded by the Stem Cell Network (SCN). To learn more click here.