Ontario and Canada Research Chairs Panels

Thursday, April 2, 2015 | 8:30am to 1:00pm

Six panels with Research Chairs providing perspective on:

Ethics Economy Education
Health Sustainable Economies Borders


What is the role of research in understanding and creating social change?

Udo Schüklenk Charles-Weijer May Chazan Gillian Crozier Upshur
Udo Schüklenk
Ontario Research Chair
in Bioethics, Queen’s University
View Udo’s Bio »
Charles Weijer
Canada Research Chair
in Bioethics, Western University
View Charles’ Bio »
May Chazan
Canada Research Chair
in Feminist and Gender Studies, Trent University
View May’s Bio »
Gillian Crozier
Canada Research Chair
in Environment, Culture and Values, Laurentian University
View Gillian’s Bio »
Ross Upshur
Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Mental Health
and Addiction, CRC in Primary Care Research, University of Toronto
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Rob-Hache Moderator
Rob Haché
Research and Innovation
York University
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Will prediction lead to the cure?

Andrew Emili Carolyn McGregor Katherine Siminovitch Sri-Krishnan Chris-Mushquash
Andrew Emili
Ontario Research Chair
in Biomarkers in Disease Management, University of TorontoView Andrew’s Bio »
Carolyn McGregor
Canada Research Chair
in Health Informatics, UOITView Carolyn’s Bio »
Katherine Siminovitch
Canada Research Chair
in the Mechanisms Regulating Immunologic Disease, University of TorontoView Katherine’s Bio »
Sridhar Krishnan
Canada Research Chair
in Biomedical Signal Analysis, Ryerson UniversityView Sridhar’s Bio »
Chris Mushquash
Canada Research Chair
in Indigenous Mental Health and Addiction, Lakehead UniversityView Chris’ Bio »

Steven Liss Moderator
Steven Liss
Vice-Principal (Research)
Queen’s UniversityView Steven’s Bio »


Is there a right amount of regulation?

Douglas Cumming Andriy Shkilko Theodore Noseworthy Nic Rivers
Douglas Cumming
Ontario Research Chair
in Economics and Cross Cultural Studies, York University
View Douglas’ Bio »
Andriy Shkilko
Canada Research Chair
in Financial Markets, Wilfrid Laurier University
View Andriy’s Bio »
Theodore Noseworthy
Canada Research Chair
in Entrepreneurial Innovation and the Public Good, York University
View Theodore’s Bio »
Nic Rivers
Canada Research Chair
in Climate and Energy Policy, University of OttawaView Nic’s Bio »

Wendy Cukier Moderator
Wendy Cukier
Research and Innovation
Ryerson University
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Is being “Green” sustainable?

Michael Cunningham Suresh Narine Ed McBean Warren Mabee
Michael Cunningham
Ontario Research Chair in Green Chemistry and Engineering, Queen’s University
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Suresh Narine
Ontario Research Chair in Green Chemistry and Engineering, Trent University
View Suresh’s Bio »
Ed McBean
Canada Research Chair in Water Supply Security, University of Guelph
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Warren Mabee
Canada Research Chair in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation, Queen’s University
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George Dixon Moderator
George Dixon
Vice-President University Research
University of Waterloo
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How does Ontario ensure the best education system from kindergarten to PhD?

Glen Jones Scott Davies Pauline Sameshima Jennifer Rowsell James Slotta
Glen Jones
Ontario Research Chair
in PSE Policy and Measurement, University of Toronto
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Scott Davies
Professor, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE
View Scott’s Bio »
Pauline Sameshima
Canada Research Chair
in Arts Integrated Studies, Lakehead University
View Pauline’s Bio »
Jennifer Rowsell
Canada Research Chair
in Multiliteracies, Brock University
View Jennifer’s Bio »
James Slotta
Canada Research Chair
in Education and Technology, University of Toronto
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Donna Kotsopoulos Moderator
Donna Kotsopoulos
Associate Vice-President Research
Wilfrid Laurier University
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Will borders matter in 20 years?

Bill Anderson Brenda MacDougall Merlyna Lim Lisa Philipps
Bill Anderson
Ontario Research Chair in Urban Policy – Cross Border Transportation, University of Windsor
View Bill’s Bio »
Brenda MacDougall
Chair in Métis Research, University of Ottawa
View Brenda’s Bio »
Merlyna Lim
Canada Research Chair in Digital Media and Global Network Society, Carleton University
View Merlyna’s Bio »
Lisa Philipps
Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
View Lisa’s Bio »
Alan Wildeman Moderator
Alan Wildeman
University of Windsor
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