Big ideas in Ontario University Research

From this page you can set off in any of seven directions to explore some of the university research happening in Ontario. We have divided our featured researchers into broad categories. We invite you to begin in an area that interests you, and see where the journey leads. One story connects to another, and many researchers bridge multiple categories.

We know it won't happen right away,but we also hope that over time you might come to see university research in a new light.


Researchers are more than just researchers. They are citizens, volunteers, advocates and activists.

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While university research contributes to many facets of everyday life, one of the most underrated is the fact that it just makes things more interesting.

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Prosperity doesn’t just happen – it’s not luck of the draw.

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Ecosystems and climate systems are so massively complex and multifaceted that it often takes a team of dedicated researchers...

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Canadians live longer, healthier lives than ever before, thanks in large part to advances in nutrition, medicine, preventive health care and other research-driven areas.

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Natural Resources

Canada still depends heavily on what the Earth brings forth.

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From intelligent cars to quantum computers, and from 3-D printing to nano-bots, Ontario university researchers are improving current technologies...

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There is such diversity of ideas and fields of study in this province, that university research touches every aspect of daily life - for us, and for our children and grandchildren. Research can bring to mind images of lab coats and Bunsen burners, patents, and medical treatments. You'll find plenty ofthose kinds of stories here, but you'll also find so much more.

If you browse these stories and happen to find that you've ended up far from where you began, then this section of the website is working as intended.